First Thing First: Thanks for Coming!

This is the kick-off note for my long awaited new space in the Internet. For years I wanted a place where to discuss ideas, share knowledge and to have an space for experimentation.

Some years back, the previous version of this was a Wordpress blog which was eventually abandoned for requiring some maintenance and not being flexible enough.

In between, there was a version of this site that never came to life built using Gatsby. Despite being a great, flexible tool it also required to dedicate some time to learn some particularities.

Then, a few months ago, I had to re-visit Next.js to prepare an introductory talk and demo for the front-end developers at the company I'm currently working on, weKnow. I've used Next.js before for a large project at Globant but in the days of its 6.x version. So, after a few minutes of exploring the new features and the so-so-easy deployment to Vercel's infrastructure I decided it was the right tool for this.

I think we'll dig on it in future notes but the final story is that, after a couple hours of work actionauta is now online.

Future Plans

I plan to write here about the things that I'm passionate about: Software development (specially Web development), Music, Science, Technology, Games (of any kind) among others.

Also, I plan to add an About Me page and Portfolio section showcasing the projects I've had the opportunity to work on, something I've needed to apply for some job positions.

Let's Stay in Touch!

Please, feel free to contact me for any suggestions, corrections or shared interest. Until I add the about page or, perhaps, a Contact page, please use the Telegram comments box at the bottom👇🏻 of the homepage or the notes.

Again, thank you very much for coming!

Publicado el 8 de abril de 2020. Esta nota es sobre: blog, welcome.